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Don't Let The Sun In! Get UV Protection!
Window Tinting is done for one primary reason: Protection!

UV Protection = Healtier Skin and Body, Less Fading of Furniture and Paint, Protects Car's Interior

Safety = Keeps broken glass shards together, and may prevent injury

Security = Keep You, Your Loved Ones and Your Valuables Protected By Not Being Seen As Well

Auto Tint = Safety! Installing Auto Tinting to Your Vehicle Can Help Prevent Glass Shards From Flying Loose In An Accident - Protect Your Passengers

Protect Your Home and Business by having the correct safety and security window film professionally installed by West Coast Solar Concepts, Inc.
Broken glass related injuries are one of the most common hospital treatments after natural disasters. Help keep your family, personnel and property protected by having one of our approved brands of SafetyWindow Film installed by our professionals. West Coast Solar Concepts, Inc. features the Armorcoat Film brand of Safety and Security Window Films. Please watch this amazing demonstration video from Armorcoat and you too will be convinced of its safety and security qualities.
Incidents of criminals breaking glass to gain entrance can happen practically at any time and usually when you least expect it. No matter where you might be, regardless of what you are doing, sleeping, working, even if you’re out of town, safety and security window films from Armorcoat acts as your constant, invisible security guard, providing you and your loved ones extra protection around the clock. Safety and Security films helps to eliminate a burglar’s easiest access - your window that has just been broken!
As the Ozone Layer decreases the Ultraviolet (UV) intensity increases all around us. Normal window glass does not prevent UV from coming through. It is this UV bombardment that deteriorates both your furniture and skin! Almost all our window films will block out 99% of whatever Ultraviolet rays that would otherwise come through your windows.
As well as UV passing through your windows, there is also Solar Energy to combat. This is what is heating your building as you are trying to cool it. Almost 90% of the Solar Energy passes through unprotected glass. By using a window film like Armorcoat Silver 20, the numbers are almost reversed. Only 11% of the Solar Energy is transmitted in! Please view the image to the left.
Don't Let The Sun In! Get UV Protection!
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West Coast Solar Concepts, Inc Proudly Installs Armorcoat Safety and Security Window Films
West Coast Solar Concepts, Inc., Pinellas County's Number One Window Tinting Specilaist
This Chart Illustrates Why Fading Occurs - Use Window Film To Prevent This Fading!
This chart illustrates what causes fading inside homes and buildings where sunlight enters through windows. By installing a quality Window Film, you can reduce the normal fading process that comes from UV and Solar Heat Exposure. Call us now for your free estimate. Ask about our webmaster's special!
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